Industrial Constructions Romero Alarcón


Comprehensive, guaranteed service

We offer comprehensive services for the industrial construction sector.

Romero Alarcón benefits from a qualified professional team, tailor-made facilities and the best available technology.

Our services range from consultation and design of industrial units to construction, which in turn includes preparation of terrain, foundations, the erection of structures, and cladding.

Pre-construction, construction and post sales

We also offer consultation and design for refurbishments as well as guaranteed post-sales service and maintenance protocols, all from a disciplined, systematic perspective and bearing in mind the overall concept of the process.

Our extensive experience has transformed Ramon Alarcón into an industry standard for versatility, redesigning and adapting projects to the specific requirements of our clients. Raising of awareness and ongoing improvement are our maxims and, to this end, we have established guidelines and monitoring parameters in both the professional and cultural areas of our company, always with our mission and vision as our common goal.

Global solutions, administration, guarantee and commitment

At the moment of undertaking of any project, we see ourselves as part of a global solution that focusses on understanding the requirements as well as on environmental impact, process improvement, administration capabilities and product guarantees.

Where materials are concerned, we always opt for the highest quality materials available and many of our components are manufactured in-house in order to guarantee excellent results.

Pre-construction, construction and post sales

In summary, we seek to form closely-knit teams with our collaborators, undertaking our projects shoulder to shoulder with an integrated perspective on the solution at hand and employing the most efficient procedures and processes in order to attain our pre-ordained objectives in a clear and concise demonstration of our commitment.