Industrial Constructions Romero Alarcón


We believe in the ongoing improvement of all our processes.

This is a philosophy that we implement on a daily basis, both in our central offices and in our team of world-wide collaborators, and a symptom of the capacity for adaptation that we have always emphasised, of the diligence for which we are known, and of the expansion policies in which we are engaged.

Quality, the environment, responsibility and commitment

Quality is the cornerstone of our business and all our projects are carried out under the strictest expert supervision and in compliance with existing regulations at every stage.

Romero Alarcón is an environmentally aware company that duly implements the appropriate environmental measures at all times and carries out its activity with the corresponding degree of responsibility and commitment.

Trust, one-to-one treatment, safety and responsibility.

Team work and the prevention of work-related accidents are part of our day-to-day activity. It is our understanding that safety and workplace responsibility go hand in hand and our company attains the highest possible indicators in both areas. Our work force is our greatest asset.